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A College Girl's Ambitions
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15th-Jul-2010 06:32 pm - Friends Only
Yeah, I deleted my friends post from before ACCIDENTALLY. 63 comments.. down the drain.. I miss them already. ;~; *tear*
I'm accepting new friends at this time. Thanks. ^^;

♥ I love you like rain. ♥
14th-Jan-2007 04:49 pm - First Meme in Forever
Ask me to take pictures of any aspect of my life that you're interested in/curious about -- it can be anything from my favorite shirt to my cell phone. Leave your requests as a comment to this entry, I'll snap the pictures and post them ASAP. It's like a glimpse into my world! [you can ask for more than one thing]

Note: Nothing sexual or pertaining to my body, sorry. Also, meme from aralana
1st-Jul-2006 09:45 pm - Awards
I'm starting my awards section over again just because I feel like it. Some the icons that won in the past I didn't like, so here are the ones that I do.

1st: 08
2nd: 07
3rd: 04
MC: 01
SC: 02
Total: 22

does my heart beat now?Collapse )

Other people are so good at keeping up with their banners. ;~;
UPDATE Also, I think I might make banners for some of my old icons. Yay.
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