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A College Girl's Ambitions

standing in the light at the end of the tunnel

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Bonjour. Je m'appelle Kaitlin. J'ai dix-sept ans et mes choses favorites sont ma famille, mon chien, la vie, le musique, le lycée, et l'art. Bien que j'adore le français beacoup, je préfère parler l'anglais.

J'espere que je trouve une personne qui parlai le français avec moi. ;~;


[say what?] Let me guess; you've no idea what I just said. That's ok! (Ce sera bien!) However, if you speak French, please don't hesitate to contact me by email or whatever because it's always a pleasure to practice the language with a native.


[personality] My name's Kaitlin, and I'm 17 years old. I have a condition that causes my mood to change frequently and results in extreme artistic inspirations and compositions. I tend to exaggerate situations and sometimes feel like cursing my little American head off (only sometimes, I promise). I'm can proudly say that I am a quarter Taiwanese (yay for Asian people!), and that makes all the difference in the world.

I'm very open-minded and appreciate the good things in as situation. I do have a temper with my family but tend to be very kind to strangers. That's so wrong.


[hobbies] I love to sing. I've never wanted to be a singer, but I truly believe that I could be if I wanted. My entire mom's side is very gifted and even made a record (yes, a real record and not a cd) in the mid to late 1900s. I do it in the shower, on the computer, outside, while vacuuming... It's my thing.

I'm a web designer. I started when I was 10, but the computer has been a part of me every since I can remember. I was born with a keyboard in my hands. I stopped for a while because I was concentrating on high school, but now I'm trying desperately to get back into the swing of things and start my own portfolio.

I love forensic pathology, which probably explains why that's what I'm going to school to study. It'll take 13 years, but I'm very ready for it. I've been going to school since I was two, so I can always handle more.

Culture is a large part of my life. I must go to other continents. I must study and learn foreign languages. I must take pictures. Oh yeah, I like photography too.

I started writing a couple novels when I was a little bit younger. They're still great ideas, but I'm immersed in other things. One day, I will publish, and you will read them. I'm an original, fantasy-type girl.


c'est moi (abstract photos are common in my journal and galleries)

bad editing, but it still looks kind of awesome, no? i don't get credit points? *cry*

in the mirror... i was trying to take a picture for a friend.. FAIL

[how many? ] Below are just a few of my favorites organized into categories. They aren't extensive lists, but you get the point.

all movies and games listed usually include all the sequels

fav movies] 50 First Dates, The Mummy, Pirates of the Caribbean, Beauty and the Beast, Finding Neverland, The Breakfast Club, Subspecies, Hellraiser, Blade, Indiana Jones, Nightmare on Elm Street, any movie with Adam Sandler, Phantom of the Opera, V for Vendetta

[fav music] Josh Groban, Evanescence, Akira Yamaoka, Pat Benatar, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Kelly Clarkson, Ozzy Osbourne, Martina McBride, Sarah McLachlan, Suzanne Vega, Apoptygma Berzerk, Kansas, Information Society, Marilyn Manson, Celine Dion, Katherine McPhee, Christina Aguilera, Carrie Underwood, The Corrs, Goldfrapp, Ladytron, Information Society, Kill Hannah, Madonna, Muse, Paul Van Dyk, Styx, Kansas, Toy-Box, White Zombie

[fav games ] Phantasy Star Online, Phantasy Star Universe, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Parasite Eve 2, Dino Crisis 2, Kingdom Hearts, faerie bubbles, word pyramid

[television] Everyday Italian, Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee, Barefoot Contessa, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, House M.D., Spongebob Squarepants, American Idol, Autopsy

[kitchen] Diet Dr. Pepper, Purity Chocolate Milk, any pasta, medium rare steak, lots of different yogurt, caesar salad, snow cream, home-made rice krispy treats, granola bars

[dislikes] homophobic people, pedophiles, extreme racism, jokes that aren't funny at all but seem like they might be


[graphics] Photoshop CS is my lover. My graphics (icons, bases, brushes, etc.) and resources can all be found at undersea_design. I worked at videogameawards as a banner maker for a time and ran chobits_awards with the help of my two former co-moderators serasaturn and cynni. I've retired from icon community running as I'll be attending college in fall 2007.

That's pretty much everything I have to say for now. My journal IS friends only, but if you comment, I'm sure I'll add you back. Thanks for reading!